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I have a windows 8 PC with windows in German, which is great to practice (by reading) the language on the go. German, as a beautiful language it is, is quite annoying (to me) when playing games, it's specially confusing when fighting against Nazis.

I didn't try to download and play a game (yet) and I would like to ask beforehand because maybe I should change something on the settings (or do anything, I have no idea).

I would like to know, basically, if I download and install a game (e.g. saints row the third) whether I will be able to configure the language from the menu inside the game (or any other place).

I'm asking this because the last time I tried to change the language of a windows 7 machine I was unable to do so (windows 7 was sold in one language and just one, you could choose which one to buy, but other languages were sold separately AFAIK), and last time I tried to configure the language in a XBox360 this was impossible, it was system-level setting for the whole XBox.

Thank you.

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Unfortunately, not every PC game will have a way to display an independent language from what is set in Windows. Some will have in-game menus, other will need to have their .ini or config files modified, and still others pull their language selection directly from Windows/GFWL and cannot be changed.

It all depends on the game, I don't think there is one answer to this question.

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Try going to the Region and Location settings and changing the System Locale in administration. You may not be able to change to language but may be able to change that. Some Japanese games will outright lock up if you don't have the locale set to Japanese, but otherwise the language stays completely English.

Many games have language settings, but just as many do not, so that's all luck of the draw and not something that gets covered in reviews.

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