Leap motion controller

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Have you seen or heard about this? It's a new motion controller for the PC not just for gaming but pretty much everything.


No matter how cool it looks in a video I still think motion sensing peripherals have a long way to go. And even though it looks good in a video doesn't mean it'll be good when it hits retail.

I mean do you remember the Kinect preview from E3 2009?

ugh, Kinect.

They say it's "more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen.”

I hope it works out though cause it looks pretty cool.

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You should have linked the LEAP control video instead of that video you posted for kinect...

Loading Video...

I think its got great potential, so long as developers create things that can make good use of the technology, the potential is definitely there, but im not really sure just how new this is? i think the idea has been thrown around for awhile, since kinect was first released for the 360, along with PCs going towards more the tablet stuff to replace laptops....

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I just saw this recently. I suppose this technology relies on how well it is integrated with the PC interface... as in - does this directly substitute a mouse/keyboard? I somehow think this tech-demo is a bit too optimistic towards the 3d space elements, as it will always be awkward to 'write' on literally nothing. It will be interesting to see the developments though, and whether this rivals kinect/move technologies.

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Can I play my porn games with this?

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