Local PC Couch games for a party?

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Does anyone have any recommended local/couch PC games that are easy to "pick up and play" (no 50+ RPGS etc) I have a mates bday and I want to hook up my PC to the TV and play some games on the couch. there will be 3 of us. I already have ultimate chicken horse and overcooked on the list.

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Gang Beasts, Samurai Gunn, Speedrunners, Nidhogg (although it's just 2-player), Mount Your Friends

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Thanks I'll suss them out

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Your party isn't complete without the Jackbox Party Pack 1, 2 and/or 3

Fibbage is the standard favorite for my family and friends, but Drawful is great fun as well.

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People really liked Mount Your Friends, and Drawful 2 went over well recently.

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Gang Beasts and Nidhogg are the two that I've had the most success with. Although, Gang Beasts looses a lot of it's fun factor once people figure out the most efficient way to play. The (don't read if you want to play, because the fun is in the fumbling) grab + headbutt combo knocks out people nearly instantly, so everyone either spams it or gets frustrated.

Even though Nidhogg is only two player, it's easy to get people hyped up and it's still fun to watch while you're waiting for your turn.

It depends what the group of people will be like, but Tricky Towers is a pretty rad tetris + physics thing, and Risk of Rain is probably my favourite local multiplayer game, but it requires a lot of teamwork and the play sessions get long and demanding so it's probably not the best choice for a party atmosphere.

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Any fighting game. Killer Instinct: Season 2 is free right now if you've got Live.

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Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes. No gaming experience required, just diffuse a bomb using verbal communication.

I think there's an online manual, but it's more fun if you print it out. Bonus points if you use walkie-talkies.

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Rocket League, Assault Android Cactus and Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed are pretty fun. There's also that Gauntlet game that can be played with multiple people. Mercenary Kings & Renegade Ops are also there if you just want to shoot your way through some levels. And if you just want to play some sports games, most of em have at least a 1v1 option.

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Lethal League is one of my favorites. It's a 4-player fighter that involves batting a ball back and forth in an attempt to knock everyone out. It's super fun and it gets crazy intense once the ball starts picking up some serious speed!

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Jack box Party pack. I only have the first one but it's awesome

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If you're comfortable with emulators, Super Bomberman for the SNES is a sure fire recommendation. The high pressure gameplay, quick rounds and frantic music always go down a treat in my circle of friends who play games. Just make sure you get the first one. They change the music for later iterations and it's nowhere near as rockin'.

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This thread is right above the "Earliest Game you Remember Playing" thread, so I'm going to suggest Atari 2600 classics Combat and Warlords. There must be some way to play them on PC.

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Jackbox 3 (Tee-KO and Quiplash mostly) is a must play and works with people who don't play game.

Ultimate chicken horse is amazing and I'm surprised nobody recommended it, but it'll need multiple controllers.

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Thanks heaps guys some great suggestions here. I'm totally gonna steal that gang beats power move!

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Probably a bit late now but still good to have a list like this for future reference for people.

Worms W.M.D

Gang Beasts


Alien Breed 1,2 and 3


Enter The Gundeon



Rocket League

Those are the ones I personally would suggest for couch playing games. Hope you had a good time OP!

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Crawl is another good one

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