Looking for a good gaming mouse.

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#51 Edited by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

Razor Deathadder

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#52 Posted by PillClinton (3581 posts) -

@bushpusherr said:

@predator said:

Intellimouse 1.1 or 3.0.

@Brandino said:

@predator said:

Intellimouse 1.1 or 3.0.

This. Been using the 3.0 since 2001, luckily i was able to buy them at COMP USA when they were discontinued years and years ago, they had them in 5 packs and i still have 4 of those never used. in 11 years i have only had to replace it ONCE. I don't know if the 3.0 is different now then it was (when they brought them back from popular demand) but it's by far the most comfortable and reliable mouse IMO.

Microsoft Intellimouse is incredible. I've had mine for about 8 years, and it still works like a dream. Super simple, inexpensive, and comfortable. No need for all the flash.

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Now that's what I love about the Deathadder. Razer basically completely ripped off Microsoft's Intellimouse design, like shockingly so. My dad has an old Intellimouse and it feels almost identical to the Deathadder in my hand.

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#53 Posted by Hadoken101 (1960 posts) -

@TheeGravedigger: I have the Hex which only has 6 buttons. It takes a little getting used to but once I got it down, it became second nature. Not so sure how difficult using 12 buttons would be on the Epic though.

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#54 Posted by TheeGravedigger (170 posts) -

Bought the Epic today, really enjoying it. It's great for WoW. I'll need to adjust my key bindings for some other games, but so far, I'm really liking the ability to keep my left hand on wasd while playing.

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#55 Posted by Mitch0712 (651 posts) -

Logitech G500

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i personally prefer a deathadder.

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I'm gonna add in Deathadder as well. It's my second mouse which I've been using for a good number of years, great design, all round rubber grip. Before that I had a Logitech Mx518.

The Mx518 was great, had little sensitivity buttons near the scroll which I used to use exclusively for controlling tank turrets e.g Bf2 to make the turret spin faster.

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#59 Posted by Tarsier (1491 posts) -
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#60 Posted by PatchRowcester (235 posts) -

@imatreee said:

razer deathadder

I second this idea. I have been using the DeathAdder for over 3 years now, and I love it.

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#61 Posted by Grilledcheez (4067 posts) -

I just got the cheap Logitech M510...ANDDDDD it's great, I don't have to adjust my sensitivity in all the time now!

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#62 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

If you have big hands, then the Steelseries Ikari is great. Or it is for-- Oh this thread is 5 months old. Why the fuck would anyone necro this thread.

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#64 Posted by dgtlty (700 posts) -
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The Logitech G9x is a comfortable choice and it has all the features you're looking for if you don't mind a wired mouse. Adjustable weights and alternative size cover provides some customisation.

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#65 Posted by CheapPoison (1033 posts) -

I would not recommend a specific model but i feel logitech is way to go.
If it was only for teh fact that i know they won't break on me in a year, and if that i will get a new one without hassle.

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#66 Posted by TooSweet (510 posts) -

I use a Logitech G500. It works great.

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#67 Posted by zenmastah (1215 posts) -

Steelseries Sensei RAW, rubberized edition.

Have been really pleased with this one, the rubber finish feels really nice.

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#68 Posted by tread311 (377 posts) -

Can't go wrong with the G500, G9, or the Deathadder. I've had and really liked all three.

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#69 Posted by Wraithtek (407 posts) -

I'm also using a Logitech G500, picked up around Guild Wars 2 launch, and have been liking it so far.

I was using a Razer Lachesis, which I really didn't care for. The surface is kind of rubbery, which I guess some people prefer, but I hated it, especially when hands get a little sweaty. And it's an ambidextrous design that never felt comfortable for my grip. Ring and pinky finger didn't quite fit right with how I hold a mouse.

But the G500 is a right-handed design, with a non-sticky surface over the palm, and it's a much better fit for me. I just keep it at the middle default DPI setting, and the wheel in notched mode (not free-spinning).

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