Looking to build a PC. Need advice, more info inside.

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@gaspower: You know I may wind up going with your suggestion; I dunno if it's something with SuperBiiz (or ordering computer parts in general) but my new egg purchase that has everything OTHER than the video card has gone through and my SuperBiiz order (GPU) is still processing. I'm not too concerned as it says 1-2 business days, but if they don't act fast I'll jump ship.

I should also probably mention that the video card I purchased currently (may have expired?) has a deal with a free copy of Watch Dogs. Just in case anyone else cares

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I have a i5 3550k and a 7870 AMD card, and its a blast. Haven't run into anything that has pushed my system that hard, and have had this setup for about 2 yrs now.

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@shaka999: I don't think that's going to be expired if that is actually part of the order, if not you can always try to contact Nvidia customer support and they might just ask for a proof of purchase from where you bought it along with the game's activation code and they'll probably send a replacement.

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