Need a mousing surfaces suggestions: low friction that stays!

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I really need a good suggestion on a mousing surface that has really smooth glide and as little friction as possible without wearing down. I'm super picky about the way my mouse feels and I want something that I can use without even knowing it's there, basically. Any suggestions?

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the oiled back of a fat girl

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I have heard good things about mouse pads, though never used one myself. I just have some generic black one, but its pretty damn great, one of the only soft ones I have had where the material does not peel or anything. Sorry I can't tell you what brand it is, it has no logo/markings at all.

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Razer Scarab works pretty well for me. Large, slick, never budges.

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My table has never failed me

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@Optix12 said:

My table has never failed me

My desk is showing wear and tear after like 2 days of use, and it already feels pretty terrible, unforunately.

@RenegadeDoppelganger: The thing I'm concerned about is the pad lasting. For whatever reason, every mousepad I've had has worn down pretty damn fast. Feels fine early on but it doesn't take long to lose it's texture and go to shit.

I'm trying to find an I2 somewhere but most of them seem to either be over $100 or Pink, neither sounds terribly appealing to me v.v

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I find it cheaper to just take several wads of cash and glue them together.

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@MordeaniisChaos: Thats a shame both about the table and the pad. Well I obtained a cheap steelseries diablo 3 (not played the game, it was cheap) QCK (i think) medium pad for half a year now and its still near mint condition.

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In most situations, mouse pads are no longer remotely necessary. You have no ball to require traction. All you need is a smooth surface that has visual imperfections that a laser or optical sensor can track. In my case, the surface of both of my 3'x8' desks are covered in a dark formica that has a pattern. The mouse could not possibly find a smoother surface to move on and the pattern provides enough variation for the sensors to pick up on (you don't even need a pattern -- even just small imperfections like the grain of wood or small granular variations in a solid color would be fine). I've spent about twelve hours per day every day of the week for the past fifteen years at my desk with a mouse and for the last ten of those, I haven't bothered with a mouse pad.

Of course, you may want something additional in the wrist area, so you're not moving your wrist around directly on a hard surface all day long, but that's a different issue. Oh, and one thing you could run into in going without a surface is that it may wear-away your mouse-skates faster -- but you can always replace those and when I say "faster", I mean it'll still take two or three years before you have to stick on a new set.

That said -- if you really like a mouse pad, go for it -- they're just not particularly beneficial anymore. Not even for gaming, I'd say. Unless you have a really shitty surface on your desk to contend with. In fact, I really hate mouse pads, now -- because they start to look worn and ugly fairly quickly and decent ones that are as good of a surface as just plain formica or glass or something tend to be $20+.

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I personally use a steelseries qck+, its big enough (450 x 400 x 2 mm / 17,7 x 15,7 x 0,08 in), and works.

@jking47: func are legendary. they were the brand of choice back in the day, haven't heard anything about em lately though, but apparently they are in the process of making a comeback, starting off with a big presence at dreamhack the other month.

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