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So I've been messing with it on and off for about a week now and I'm just not getting a lot of it. I see videos on youtube of people that have these fantastic setups with their ripped movies having their posters and descriptions pop up. Same thing for their emulators, box art and whatnot.

Almost all of these videos never go into detail about how they did it, and a lot of the guides I've seen from googling are usually 2-3 years old and don't work anymore when I follow them.

So far the most I've been able to do is get my movies to play but even then, they all have the subtitles on and I can't seem to turn them off. It's all really made me feel like an idiot.

So does anyone know of a great site to point me to, or have some good tips for me?

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Subtitle toggle should be under the audio settings while watching a movie.

I remembers the setting per movie, so the first thing I tend to do is take any movie, fix the audio gain, turn subtitles off and then save as default for all videos. Got way more videos I want to watch without than with, so saves a bit of work.

As for posters etc, when you add a new folder for movies, say, you select a scraper. Make sure you set the correct scraper for the kind of content you have in the folder you added.

Check out the wiki for more details.

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