Need Recommendations for Gaming PC's

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Some time last year, I posted a thread about my first gaming PC, which I put together myself about two years ago. I had a few issues with it turning on and not producing pictures on my monitor. I switched out the motherboard, CPU, and even purchased a new case after the old one busted. I do have a stick of RAM on the way, and if that faulty RAM isn't the issue, then I give up.

I have been looking for pre-built gaming PC's, but I'm leery when it comes to buying one from iBuyPower or CyberPower. What's more, my price range is around $700. Could any of you give me recommendations on websites that sell well-built gaming PC's within my price range. I just want the best bang for my buck.

s/n: I was thinking about purchasing a Lenovo K450e (I found a few around $600), and using my current graphics card (GTX 660 Ti), but decided against it

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I wonder if there might be a local company that builds PCs, they might take your components, some money and your headaches....

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