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I have a case the has the PSU fan pointing downwards and because of this I have to have the case lifted off of the ground and halfway off what I set it on to keep the fan unblocked. Does anyone have a case they cane recommend where the PSU doesn't point downwards? I'm tired of having to set up the Tower in such a way as to not block the bottom fan.

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Get a cosmos II

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You could probably just flip the PSU over. Unless the fan is attached to the case, then still flip it over and disconnect the fan. I don't think it would get much hotter. The cosmos ii is 49lbs out of the box. Loaded, mine is about 70 lbs. The PSU inlet is still on the bottom, but it's raised an inch from the ground. So, either flip over the PSU, or get a case with a top mount for it.

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