PC sound problem?

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You may know that I've had troubles with Bioshocks voice audio being softer than anything else, but it seems that it wasn't only Bioshock. Assassins creed is now doing the same thing and I'm not sure why, this has never been an issue before! I've updated my drivers (I'm using the sound built into my UD5 Motherboard) but I'm not sure what else to do. I have 2.1 speakers and I make sure all my games know that I have 2.1 speakers.

This is really strange, anyone experienced something similar?

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Are you using any custom preset set in any of the programs that handle sound?
Like ultra bass or something gimmicky like that?

If you have several audio output devices that you don't use, disable them in the device manager.

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Nope I'm not, at least I don't think so.

I only have my headphones but they aren't plugged in. It might just be the game, but I don't think many people will remember since they are both a couple of years old.

It all seems weird to me that I have this problem, I've never had it before.

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yeah both of those are still in my epic backlog of doom, so i dont know personally.

Guess you could check the games audio settings, in case they games have different volume controllers for sfx, voice, and music, if you haven't already.

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Check windows sound settings, there should be a setting under properties that you can check called Loudness equalization. It's under enhancements tab after you right click your sound device. Try that.

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