PC through TV problems.

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#1 Posted by TheRealJpoe (158 posts) -

I recently plugged my PC into my TV mostly for watching movies & what not. It looks great but the any time there's too much white on the screen I get a weird purple tint. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

& sorry if I'm missing an obvious PC help thread already on the boards.

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That used to happen to me when I was using old CRT televisions with S-video. How are you connecting your pc to your telly?

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#3 Posted by RustySanderke (117 posts) -

I had a similar problem with an old Samsung HDTV: magenta in white, green in black. Unplugging the component cables of my 360 "solved" it.

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#4 Posted by TheRealJpoe (158 posts) -

Its plugged up using hdmi. I also have my cable box plugged in the other hdmi slot, as well as PS3, Wii, & 360 in component.

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It could be some interference from one of your other devices. When your screen is 'white' through your pc, try unplugging the other devices, one at a time to see if that has any effect. (*edit* unplug from the devices end if getting behind your tv is a pain.)

I connect using a dvi connection and haven't had this issue, but I used to when using a crt tv with too many consoles/devices plugged into it.

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#6 Posted by Karkarov (3385 posts) -

I use a DVI to HDMI for mine on a samsung lcd tv and don't have this issue. So give that a go, maybe it will play out for you?

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