PC to reciever to TV half refresh rate, overscan, low res in game

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I finally got a Mini hdmi to hdmi cable to hook up my GTX680 to myhome theatre setup. I have a pretty nice JVC reciever, and a pretty nice JVC 60" TV. But so far I've had a lot of issues with that particular display. or one, it overscans, and every time I tell my damn TV to show at native size, and fix th damn picture, it resets any time the display flickers to change a resolution or whatev have you (basically any time a game starts). So that's annoying. But then, when I get into a game, it won't let me pick a resolution higher than 720p, despite it beign a 1080p TV. And when I look at the settings for the display, it also only lets me go up to 30hz frefresh rate, even though the TV should be capable of 60. In fac,t, it's supposed to be a 120hz display but I've never gotten that to work.

When I try to force the display to 60hz, the screen is mostly baclk with a very small section showing randomly colored blocks flickering.

Any advice? Running latest drivers, etc. Windows 8 with a GTX 680.

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Have you tried bypassing the receiver and plugging it directly into the TV? It could be something with the receiver not handling the signals correctly.

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@TyCobb: That would defeat the point: I don't really care about the big screen nearly as much as the sound. If I can't figuere this particular issue out I'll probably just turn off the display and just use it for sound.

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I don't know if this can be done, but try using a DVI or VGA cable for video and HDMI for sound only, I found that DVI/VGA cables work a lot better with TVs.

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@MordeaniisChaos: I am not saying to set it up that way and keep that way. I am saying to just test it and see if that produces different results. Sometimes going through a receiver yields bad results because it isn't able to get the correct information about the TV it needs (supported resolution, refresh rate, etc.).

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