Possible to play turn-based games via remote desktop?

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I was wondering how remote desktop actually works. I have no idea how it works as I've never had a reason to use it since I just take my laptop with me. But i was curious if I could play a game like civ 5 via remote desktop. The latency wouldn't be an issue. But is remote desktop using the PC hardware and then sending just an image of that PC's desktop or is there a bottleneck with regards to the PC hardware you are using to view the remote desktop?

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Is this through the net? or LAN?

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Seems plausible. I can only play turn based PC games when using a mouse with the living room TV because of latency.

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Remote Desktop / Streaming means the client (the device that will be streamed to), can be rather underpowered. Like a tablet or a Chromebook.

You can use RDP, but games "full screen" modes won't work because they can't access that full screen in a remote desktop.

You will need to forward ports to your computer that will be the host.

The bottleneck would most likely be with your internet connection on the host, followed by the connection on your client, followed by the hardware in the host, and finally, the hardware in the client.

You can use OpenVPN + Steam In-Home Streaming, which is a little more involved. Bonus then is you can add other non-Steam shortcuts and stream them to your heart's content.

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Oh jeez didn't notice this was a necro.

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Necro'ed by some sort of bot. Alarms started to go off in my head just reading that post.

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Flagging that post so no one ends up with their computer ending up being used by some script kiddie who needs to DDOS my Furby 2.0.

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