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I recently got my PC hooked up to my HDTV in a different room. The rooms are adjacent, but have a big (110 year old) plaster wall in between them. For the HDMI I drilled a little hole in the floor and ran it through my basement to get to the TV about 20 feet away. For a controller I've got a wireless transmitter for XBOX 360 controller that does work pretty well through the wall, although it cuts out once in a while if I'm sitting too far away.

Now I'd like to get a wireless keyboard and mouse (or keyboard with touchpad) so I can have full control from the living room. Should most wireless keybaords have that kind of range? It seems like most decent ones will reach 20-30 feet just fine, but the question is whether or not they'll send the signal through a pretty thick wall. Anyone have any suggestions. I've been looking at these two, and I hope to stay under $50 if possible.



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It probably depends on the wires mouse/keyboard that you are using. I have a Logitech mouse and keyboard that connects with their unifying USB receiver (like the Logitech M+KB combo you posted in the first link) and it's able to work downstairs on my TV while the PC is upstairs. Not sure how that compares to a thick ass wall though.

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@Andorski: That's encouraging. Thanks. I think that would probably be an apt comparison. The wall isn't solid, I just have a feeling it's thicker than more modern drywall.

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