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I'm thinking about getting an SSD and wanted to know if anyone knew of a good SSD Caching solution along the lines of the Intel SRT technology, only it needs to work on an AMD system and with two hard drives configured as a striped array. Can anyone help with this?

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I'm pretty sure SSD caching only works on Intel Z68 chipsets.  I haven't heard anything about it coming to modern AM3+ AMD chipsets.  I do believe it will work with a raid array of mechanical drives on a z68 chipset though.   You'll want a SLC based SSD because of all of the abuse caching will put on it.  
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There are two solutions that I know of, one doesn't work with RAID unless I buy two SSD drives, which is beyond my budget and the other is not available.
Silverstone HDDBoostand here's an unboxing video with some information about the unit, for RAID I would need two of these which I assume would need two SSDs.
ExpressCache is a software solution (like SRT on the Z68 platform) and this video is of a live demonstration of an ExpressCache laptop versus a non-ExpressCache laptop with identical specs, but it says on the website that it is only available to OEMs for the time being.

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