Steam Big Picture Mode dropping today

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Finally. I've been looking forward to this, and just happen to have a spare quad core AMD box with a GTX460 sitting in it to play around with this on. Hopefully being able to boot right into the Steam Big Picture Mode will be possible, then you'll rarely ever need anything other than a gamepad to move around the interface and launch games.

Anyone have any plans to build a gaming PC specifically for their home theater just for this purpose? I don't see myself using my main gaming rig for it since I like to sit at my desk and play as well, but having a "console" PC to play Steam games could be potentially awesome.

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Interesting keyboard...

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I have a decent sized HDTV in my room, close to my PC and monitor setup, so I can switch between the two at will (Windows + P) -- so for me, Big Picture Mode isn't a huge deal. I'll probably try it out though.

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Gonna give it a whirl when I get home - and yes, I definitely see myself using it for browsing through games I might want to play during a podcast. Borderlands or Just Cause 2, something of that sort.

EDIT: They should do a five or ten minute Quick Look of this!

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