Strategy games with good diplomacy but a modern setting?

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What I really like about Civ V is the fact that it allows progression into a modern setting and even beyond that, not just in terms of technology and buildings, but with countries as well. What I don't like, however, is the diplomacy, or lack thereof. That's where Europa Universalis comes in, with its amazing diplomacy, unfortunately I haven't found many ways in which to access a modern setting or even have access to modern countries/provinces with it. Sure, the 1500's are fun to play around with, but it seems like every strategy game under the sun goes for an older setting. Gets tiresome after a while, ya know?

So, my question to you...are there any strategy games or even mods that would fit what I'm looking for? I noticed a modern setting mod for EU2 exists, but the problem I've found with older strategy games is that the mechanics as compared to newer installments just aren't quite fleshed out. If that's the only alternative, I'll go for it, but I prefer newer ones. Hope that doesn't come off as being picky, just a bit overwhelmed with all the choices!

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