The Stanley Parable game issue

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I'm having a very strange issue with The Stanley Parable. The game gets stuck at where the main menu normally would be, but with no text, no options, no nothing. Any attempt to press enter or any other key to do anything is unresponsive.

Here's an image of what i'm stuck at and how it looks, not that it really matters

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I tried verifying the game cache, forcing the game to my monitors resolution, uninstalling and then re-installing, and none of it worked.

I'm all out of ideas here. I'd be forever greatfull if someone could help me with this.

Finally, my apologies if this is posted on the wrong board.

EDIT: Got it working. I had the demo still installed, so i uninstalled it and rebooted the computer, then reinstalled the base game AGAIN. Not even sure which one of those got it working, but it is, so whatever.

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I have the same problem, but worse than that when i hit a button in game my screen went black and completely unresponsive, couldn't alt tab out, couldn't get to task manager had to hard restart my computer, when I rebooted the game this problem occurred.

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i have the same problem too (not jmic75 problem...) how to fix the menu?

i tried to reinstall a few times and... nothing.... WHAT SOULD I DOOOOOOOOOOO?!?!?!?!? FUUUUUUhelp me plz XD

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Hey guys. On the disk of this game there are "Crack" folder. Copy all files exactly to your game folder with the replacement of files.

I hope you understand.

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