Video streams always freezing is driving me crazy

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#1 Posted by Rahvar (27 posts) -

Ok, so I've tried googling this and all I could find was update flash, java and graphics drivers. Done all that and no change.

No matter if I use Chrome or Firefox, whenever I watch a stream on any website, GB, Gamespot, IGN, Youtube whatever, the streams freeze every few minutes.

It doesn't buffer, just freezes. I have to pause the video and press play and then after a minute or so the video starts to play again, until the point that it freezes.

I have a 100mbit connection and a i5 2500k with a 2GB Radeon 6950 so it's not hardware. And I have no problems playing videos off of the harddrive or with any other things like games etc.

If anyone have any idea I'd be incredibly thankful, I'm going crazy trying to watch GB videos with constant freezing since they tend to be rather lengthy.

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#2 Posted by Slaegar (840 posts) -

Have you tried right clicking on the video, going to settings, and unchecking "Enable Hardware Acceleration"? I know that can cause problems sometimes.

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