What are the best, or correct, BIOS settings on this machine

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So back in October 2012 I upgraded this system to a Windows 8 operatingsystem, performing a clean install, flashing the BIOS to the newest Version et cetera. It wasn't until recently I noticed that the RAM / Memory had a frequency on 1333mhz instead of 1600mhz, thanks to the Windows 8 task manager thinger-dinger. So I went into the BIOS & enabled the Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P), causing it now to have a 1600mhz speed. But then I realized that maybe some other settings aswell has been changed due to the flashing, not caught by my eyes. So that's the soley purpose of this thread, I would really appreciate it if anyone could go through a list With me - Not the entire list, but point out what could be changed - to choose the best & correct settings for the operatingsystem, BIOS & of course the system itself.

System specifications:

  • CPU - Intel® Core i5-3570K Processor Socket-LGA1155, Quad Core, 3.4Ghz, 6MB
  • GPU - MSI GeForce GTX 680 2GB PhysX CUDA PCI-Express 3.0, "Twin Frozr III", GDDR5
  • RAM - Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz 8GB Kit w/2X HyperX 4GB DDR3, CL9-9-9-27, 240pin
  • MB - MSI Z77A-G43, Socket-1155 ATX, Z77, DDR3
  • PSU - Silver Power SP-S750M 750W PSU ATX 12V V2.3, 80 Plus Bronze, Modular
  • OS - Windows 8 Pro 64bit (x64)
BIOS Clock OptionsBIOS Clock Settings
Current CPU Frequency100.00 x 34 mhz
CPU Base Frequency (10khz)10.000
CPU RatioAuto
CPU Ratio Frequency3400.00 mhz
CPU Ratio in OSDisabled
CPU Core VoltageAuto
Current DRAM Frequency1600 mhz
DRAM Reference ClockAuto
DRAM FrequencyAuto
DRAM timing ModeAuto
Adjusted DRAM Frequency1600 mhz
Current DRAM Voltage1.504 v
Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P)Enabled
Memory Fast BootEnabled
Internal PLL OvervoltageAuto
Intel Turbo BoostEnabled
Enhanced TurboDisabled
OC Genie Function ControlBy BIOS Option
My OC GenieDefault
Spread SpectrumDisable
OC Retry Count1

If you want to question other settings that might have been change that's not listed here just ask & I can go into the BIOS and see.

Thank you in advance.

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From what I can tell, every setting looks like it's supposed to with the components you've got in there. I think the XMP mode was just disabled by default when you flashed the BIOS to the newest version.

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#3 Posted by Bollard (7560 posts) -

I feel like XMP is disabled by default regardless. I have 1600MHz RAM too, and remember having to manually change it (and I've never flashed my BIOS.)

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Strange. Can anyone else confirm this? & probably the better question; Do the People who build these pre-built machines enable this before shipping? I cannot remember if the RAM had 1600 Mhz when I first got it With Windows 7.

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I have 2133 MHz memory and had to manually pock the speed on my Asus board. Some things I usually disable are the serial port, FireWire, on board ethernet (using a wireless card), and sound if you bought a card. Generally disable stuff you won't use. I have the 3770k, so I enabled the virtualization VT thing because why not. Also, I change the boot devices to only boot from the hard drive and not look through the disc drives or USB drives.

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yes xmp is not something that the motherboard enables by itself, you gotta turn that on if you actually want to use it.

i like to set things manually, so i dont use xmp.

@WEB_War4 said:

I have 2133 MHz memory and had to manually pock the speed on my Asus board.

Also, I change the boot devices to only boot from the hard drive and not look through the disc drives or USB drives.

thats how it is, on every motherboard on this planet, pretty much.

yeah disabling extra boot options and extra hardware that you dont use, like raid controllers or stuff like that can shave a second or so off the boot time.

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