What do you recommend for an "Indie/GOG" Machine?

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So I own a PS4 but would really like to add a PC to use to access the huge library of indie games available as well as some of the "newer" GOG stuff such as the Witcher games. I know nothing about building a PC or the parts that one should covet so I figured some duders here could help. I am looking to balance functionality with price and ideally would like to spend less than my PS4 if at all possible, although that may not be.

If we are talking about current games the most graphic intensive stuff I would be looking at playing is in the Kerbal/Space Engineers range. I am not a huge graphics snob (I thought Bioshock: Infinite looked fine on 360) and wouldn't be too disappointed if I couldn't run the game on ultra high settings as long as its a playable framerate and at least looks decent (again 360 level graphics are fine for me). The only other things I would really be looking for are a small form factor case for easy portability/sliding next to a TV or entertainment center and HDMI out (which I imagine is basically standard at this point) so I don't have to buy a monitor. If the thing can stream that would be a plus although the processor and RAM required may make that difficult for my desired price point.

Any tips/suggestions would be appreciated.

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What you want is impossible at your price point or anywhere near it. It would cost you $800 or more, especially if you plan on streaming. There's also no way you will be able to fit everything you want in a case that's the size of a console. Kerbal and Witcher 2 are both quite intensive (hell Witcher 2 was the Crysis of 2011).

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Have you considered an Intel Nuc machine? It's perhaps a bit expensive considering you'll need to buy an SSD and RAM separately, and the HD 5000 integrated graphics are only pretty good, not great. But the formfactor is incredible if you want it next to a TV, and you should be able to play a lot of smaller stuff no problem. I don't think something like Bioshock Infinite would run well at all, though. It's maybe a little risky since you can't just throw in a graphics card to boost performance, but it's something to consider. A mini-itx build (like the one Tested built) may be better if you want a real graphics card to play things like Bioshock and the like.

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@corruptedevil: Gamespot was able to build two machines capable of playing BF4 and ACIV for $550 that per their benchmarks outperformed the PS4/XOne on those games so I think it could very much be possible at my price point. Streaming is a bonus that I don't need to have and I know nothing about computers but I imagine there would be ways to cut some costs from those machines because I don't necessarily have to have these games running at ultra high or very high.

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@meteora3255: Sure those are fine, but you would have to replace basically everything in it if you wanted to upgrade any one part. If you don't care about upgrading then just build one of those.

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Just get the lowest end core i3, and a geforce 750 ti. That should be good enough for a *very* long while if 720p doesn't look terrible on your TV. Those budget builds use a pentium IIRC, I'd recommend spending the extra $40 for the hyper threading the i3 gives. The 750 doesn't produce a lot of heat and has a low power draw, and haswell chips run pretty cool, so heat inside a small form factor case shouldn't be much of an issue. A windows license will add quite a bit to the cost of a build, so don't forget about that when budgeting.

The only thing that will impact your ability to upgrade for the next two years is your power supply and the size of your case.

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