What drivers do you use for PS3/Wii controllers on PC

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I just got a Bluetooth adapter so I can use my PS3 and Wii controller but I'm not sure what the easiest way to use them on PC since they don't seem to work out of the box. I found a bunch of ways to get it working using third party software but I just want it to work like a 360 controller. Can anyone help me out, what do you do to get these controllers to work?

For some reason, the PS3 and Wii controllers work on my Mac without any software. I would really like this to work the same way in Windows.

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I use MotionJoy for my DS3, but I've never bothered to set up the bluetooth with it. I just plug it in, which isn't a problem since I'm sitting at my desk. The weird thing is that when I unplug it the controller will then connect to the PS3, often turning it on in the process.

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