What PC Game Launcher/s Do You Use?

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#1 Posted by stantongrouse (217 posts) -

PC gaming duders, what's your PC gaming launcher situation? Have you just stuck with the one, are you juggling them all, or found an alternative solution that makes it all so much easier.

I ask out of interest as recently I have started to find the change from 'Launch Everything from Steam' to managing the multiple launchers and accounts with each a unnecessary faff. With two of the recent games featured on GB making me look to finally looking at adding the Epic launcher due to their exclusive launch on there the numbers just keep going up. Do I need six or seven different launchers all of which I now just feel are nothing more than fancy shopping apps.

So I find myself at a crossroads. My loyalty to using Steam comes from years of Humble purchases, a bizarre personal attachment to their achievements (I really can't explain this) and the few PC gamers I knew using it. The latter have almost all drifted away and Humble are selling games on all the launchers now. So I have started to think about setting myself up with a 'just use this one thing to do it all' (without buying a console) solution.

I've not used Discord too much as I've not had the need to but does it work as a good multi launcher? What do you guys use? Or like me do you just juggle everything out of a lack of being bothered to sort it all out?

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#2 Edited by cikame (2824 posts) -

Steam primarily
Uplay but only because it launches with Ubi games on Steam, as such i like it as it's the least obstructive of the other launchers.
I have to install Origin whenever EA do something half decent, but i just uninstalled BFV so i might get rid of it.
GOG, everyone should have GOG, you don't even need the Galaxy launcher i just have it because they're great.
And that's it, i'm boycotting the Epic launcher, but that's a topic for a different discussion.

Edit: Just want to add that i use Steam as a social hub, it's not even about games or its position as a digital store. I run a Teamspeak for all my friends, but we're also all part of a large Steam group chat, one of their more recent features, which has been hilarious.
I use the forums all the time, sometimes i chat with indie devs, read and write reviews, post and view "artwork", look at news feeds, developer updates, i've taken 5,099 screenshots.
With all the discussions about launchers and stores recently i've realised, Steam isn't just a "store" for me, it is gaming. Or as Jim Sterling puts it "Steam doesn't just launch games, it hosts them".

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I do have accounts for most stores out there, but i can't remember the last time i booted up anything outside of steam. I'm not making a conscious decision to build a different account up or anything. Discord seems to do a decent job of figuring out which games you've ran on your pc and adding icons to it's launcher, but when you're not really out there using different launchers it's hardly more convenient than just using the 1 launcher you already use. So i toggled off that functionality.

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#4 Posted by nutter (2137 posts) -

GOG, Steam, Epic, EA....I think that’s it. GOG wins my heart, but Steam probably wins my mind. The others offer free games, not that I’ve bothered to download any for the past year.

I only play on PC a few times a year...which is more than this household touches our Switch...as Nintendo’s sad, barren, monthly status reports reminded me the other day...

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#5 Posted by stantongrouse (217 posts) -

@onemanarmyy: I've toyed with using Discord, but it doesn't seem to pickup all the games I've recently played which is frustrating. I guess it seems a bit like a ride it out until a better solution emerges.

I went to get the Epic Launcher today and had to remember a profile I must have creates a while back. Turns out someone in Thailand had started using my long unused Epic account to play Fortnight. So that doesn't sell me on using that just now.

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#6 Posted by Vortextk (944 posts) -

GOG: Only own Witcher 3 here. Beat the game, haven't played dlc yet.

Twitch: Only the free monthly games. Beat steamworld dig 2, play 3/4 of shadow tactics.

Epic: Only been getting the free games. Have yet to play one. Have had most of them elsewhere but so far there have been a couple I was glad to get and didn't already own.

Battle.net: Played wow for a bit in cataclysm/mists, probably never again. Played diablo III several times over the years. Tried hearthstone. For a time did lots of overwatch. Couple dozen matches of HotS.

Origin: Played PvZ: Garden Warfare baby. Got Inquisition on it, used some mass effect codes on it but originally played 1/2 on 360. Couple more random games on there and Anthem recently.

Uplay: Random older stuff, couple prince of persia titles, child of light, assortment of AC titles, Odyssey from project stream and Division 2 from my CPU purchase, for honor, couple far cries blah blah.

Windows Store???: Recore. That's it.

(Tons of single MMO stlye game launchers)

And steam: Nearly 800 titles in my library, not counting keys I didn't even want or gave away for games I really didn't care about from bundles and purchases everywhere over the years. Vast majority of my pc library obviously.

No bethesda launcher; that's a thing right?

I go to where the games are I want to play. That's it.

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#7 Edited by Forrester90 (996 posts) -

Mainly Steam and GOG Galaxy but I also use Origin and Epic. I only use Uplay for games that require it. I've got Twitch and Battle.net but I can't remember the last time I used them.

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#8 Posted by mellotronrules (2609 posts) -

steam and battlenet. i have an origin account that has a small handful of completely unplayed games on it, and i created an epic account to get the free stuff (but haven't made a purchase there yet).

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#9 Edited by BigBoss1911 (2936 posts) -

95% percent of the time I use Steam. I got Witcher 3 on GOG, Battlefield V on Origin, and Starcraft on Battle.net.

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#10 Edited by Ben_H (4195 posts) -

Steam, GOG, Battlenet, and once every 3-5 years, Origin. I haven't had a reason to get the Epic one yet, but I also am playing way fewer games these days, and the few I'm playing are on Switch or PS4.

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#11 Posted by SkullPanda1 (1625 posts) -

Steam, Battle.net, Twitch, Uplay, Origin, Epic Store.

I also have a bookmark for my humble library. I have most of my games on Steam, but I don't really have a strong preference for where my games are.

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#12 Posted by Bane (913 posts) -

Battle.net, Bethesda.net, Epic Store, GOG, Origin, Steam, Twitch, Uplay, and a couple of games with their own launchers.

They're just storefronts to me. I don't use or care about most of the other features like friends lists, trading cards, or cloud saves. Forums are nice, and the Steam Workshop is cool for XCOM, but that's about it.

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#13 Edited by BaneFireLord (3568 posts) -

All of them, though predominantly Steam since so many third party retailers sell Steam keys. I go where the game is cheapest and don't really care what client it runs on.

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#14 Posted by fisk0 (6889 posts) -

I have GOG Galaxy, Origin, Steam, Perfect World, Glyph, Arc, Bethesda.net, Battle.net, Epic Store and Uplay, but GOG Galaxy, Steam and Origin are the only ones I use actively, and allow to autostart along with Windows, the others I boot up a couple of times a year.

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#15 Posted by Drumbasher (6 posts) -

I also have a myriad of different launchers, but after reading this article from PC Gamer, started using Playnite, which combines all your games from different launchers into one place. It's not perfect, but it definitely helps. I still will open Steam for most things, but having (pretty much) all my games in one place, especially for non-Steam games, is a godsend.

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#16 Edited by frytup (1316 posts) -

I have Steam, Battlenet, Origin, and GOG installed, but Steam is the only one I use regularly. If a game I really want appears as an Epic exclusive, I'll probably install that too.

I favor Steam because I use Steam Link quite a bit, and have had nothing but trouble trying to get non-Steam games added to Steam and working correctly over the Link.

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#17 Edited by Sparklehorse (58 posts) -

I use Steam, Origin (for Apex Legends), and Battle.net. Epic games launcher doesn't work because games are a) not available in my region through that store and b) don't have a Chinese payment method available on the site (WeChat or Alipay).

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#18 Posted by reap3r160 (265 posts) -

I use whatever I happen to get the keys for. I have ZERO preference at all. They all play the games, I use NONE of the "features" people claim they want and probably rarely ever end up using.

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#19 Posted by hacksword (92 posts) -

I built a new PC recently and currently I only have Steam installed. Previously I've used GOG, Battle.net and Origin.

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#20 Edited by Vortextk (944 posts) -

@frytup said:

I have Steam, Battlenet, Origin, and GOG installed, but Steam is the only one I use regularly. If a game I really want appears as an Epic exclusive, I'll probably install that too.

I favor Steam because I use Steam Link quite a bit, and have had nothing but trouble trying to get non-Steam games added to Steam and working correctly over the Link.

I haven't done it much, but I just quit out of big picture mode and go straight to my desktop and stream from there. When I didn't have a pc in that room I would play giantbomb videos, I've also played FFXIV over it. I didn't mess with trying to add non steam games(my ffxiv is not a steam copy), but that seemed fine.

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#21 Edited by Cerberus3Dog (1026 posts) -

I've got em all, or close to it. The list is getting a bit ridiculous. I've got:

  • Steam
  • Battle.net
  • Gog
  • Origin
  • Uplay
  • Epic
  • Twitch

Twitch (with prime) and Epic have been handing out free games left and right. I don't have the Bethesda Launcher yet.

On PC right now, I switch between them at a regular frequently, I'm currently playing games on Steam (Exapunks), Battle.net (Overwatch), Epic (The Witness), and Twitch (Snake Pass).

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#22 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3571 posts) -

Steam and GoG. I have a handful of games on Origin, and Overwatch on the Blizzard launcher, but neither are currently installed.

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#23 Posted by Sergiy (52 posts) -

Steam, GOG, uplay, battle.net, origin.

And that's enough, seriously, i refuse to download any more stores, i don't even remember my login/pass situations for the last 4...

I'm probably gonna get rid of uplay and origin, will wait for any timed exclusives to get properly released, gonna stick with what i already got installed.

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#24 Posted by myketuna (1959 posts) -

Steam will always be king because of their library and their network, but if every developer/publisher could support GOG, I wouldn't be too mad ( I use GOG Galaxy). As long as those games figure out their network stuff since I don't see GOG creating network functionality akin to Steam. Besides those two, I use Twitch, Battle.net, Origin, UPlay, and Epic.

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#25 Posted by stantongrouse (217 posts) -

This has been really interesting, seems that everyone it getting on pretty well with either juggling a lot of them or making decisions to just run the couple that suit them best. I think, having been quite late to the PC thing party, I still have the console hangover of wanting to put everything into just one box. Still haven't had any news back from Epic about the Thai user on my email address though - so they are really making the pull from those couple of exclusives that little bit less of a temptation for get me on board.

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#26 Posted by pewpewphil (67 posts) -

I spread out my time through my platforms quite evenly recently.

  • Origin I'm playing quite a bit for Apex Legends.
  • Bnet I keep playing because I'm addicted to Hearthstone .
  • Uplay since siege has been pretty fun
  • Steam well since 3/4 of my PC library is there
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#27 Posted by Giant_Gamer (762 posts) -

My main gaming service is Steam because it's in my opinion better than every other gaming services including consoles. It always run whenever i use my PC.

The others are only available when i have their games installed in my PC and aren't allowed to run in the background.

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