What was your worst experience with an RMA through a company?

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I only bring this up not to bash companies, but to hear other horror (or annoying) stories people have had to deal with. I ran into an annoying issue when dealing with Gigabyte and their RMA process that involved me sending a defective board, they turned out and returned it saying it was fine, I sent it back AGAIN because it was indeed broken only for them to try and say that after RMA'ing the same board twice my warranty with them now is expired. Call me a noob but after dealing with that, I won't be buying Gigabyte products anytime soon. While they did finally give me a working board, by the time they did I already bought another one (Ended up buying an Asus Sabertooth 990FX and it worked flawlessly) and am now just using this gigabyte board as a test module for new parts I get.

What's the worst/most annoying thing you had to deal with during an RMA?

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The only RMAs I've ever had to do were directly through Newegg and both were relatively painless experiences. I've heard some horror stories, though.

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@Ravenlight: Do share! I have a morbid fascination with horror stories of bad experiences with companies. I've returned a few products with both newegg and tigerdirect and those were painless as you said. It seems to be the manufacturer ones where they get wonky. (Though Patriot is pretty good and responsive in my experience)

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Not exactly a horror story, but I ordered all the parts for my last PC from Newegg, the videocard was DOA, I ended up having to pay $25 to ship it back to them and waited for another week and a half to get the replacement, when possible I try to buy local for PC parts now.

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@Kidavenger: What local shops do you frequent? I unfortunately need to order most of my parts online seeing as how the local shops by me don't know crap about building PC's.

I just removed a somewhat funny story: When I ordered my full tower case the UPS guy tried to toss it over the fence (the case plus the packaging totaled about 45 pounds) and I caught him right as he was winding up just standing there and told him: 'You break it, you're paying for a new one.' Needless to say he didn't toss it. (We also have issues in my neighborhood and that specific driver was notorious for throwing everyone's packages)

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B&H photo by far.

I ordered a Samsung TV from them about five years back and when I realized that it was too big for my room since it was a 50 inch (ended up going for a 40 inch) I decided to RMA it. Being that this a pretty large and expensive item I called their customer service and requested the RMA form. I got the person's name that I had talked to and they emailed me the form. From there I packaged the TV even better than the way it came and made sure that there was no way it could move an inch in that box. I used about 3 rolls of heavy duty packing tape, loaded it in my parent's SUV and headed to the FedEx processing facility to ship it out.

I received an email from B&H about a week days later saying that they were not going to credit me because I had returned the item damaged. I only had the TV out of the box for probably 5-6 hours until I packed it up and it was in perfect shape so I didn't understand what was wrong so I questioned them further and they sent me pictures of the TV with rather large in the screen. From the pictures it was pretty obvious that it came from a forklift in a warehouse and there were one thing was very strange about the whole thing. They did not show the box in the photo to see if it also had a hole, just the TV and the styrofoam shell it was in. The styrofoarm shell was also broken on the bottom which would have meant that the TV would have been shaking around. I headed back to the FedEx shipping facility to get the lady who had accepted the package to give me a written statement saying that everything was intact and the contents of the box was secure when it left my care. After about 2 1/2 weeks of what seemed like them giving me the runaround, I finally found someone in management that understood how this most likely happened and took the written statement from the person at FedEx to finally give me my credit. While brick and mortar stores may not be the most convenient to go to, it certainly is easier to return big items.

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