Which semi-realistic FPS to buy?

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#1 Posted by Phil_Graves (3 posts) -

I'm planning on going back to pc fps after a looong hiatus, and I'm looking for something with a dedicated and supportive community (which will hopefully result in a cohesive permanent team), not too many 13-year-old l33tkiddies, and voice comms (so either steam or integral voip, and yes I tried mumble and my system makes it sad).

I can run most everything nowadays on my system at max graphics without much lag,' (the battlefield 4 beta is (pretty) stable).

I was a big fan of the HL2 mod Dystopia back in the day, but now it crashes on my system (win8 x64).

I'm absolutely nuts about Ghost Recon Online, but alas voip in that game never worked on any of my systems.

I absolutely loathe MoH/CoD.

My preferred playstyle is scout/sniper.

I like ARMA alot, but I worry it will be too time-consuming

I own Battlefield Bad Company 2, and will probably hang out there for awhile if the playerbase is good

My current thoughts are;

Blacklight: retribution; pros - fun customization, steam voip cons - seems too conducive to l33tkiddies (first impression)

tribes: ascend pros; fun customization, steam voip, cons; steep learning curve

Splinter cell: blacklist pros; suits my playstyle, voip, cons; not free, seems like matches will have few players, one main gametype

battlefield pros; skills from bad company may carry over cons; large maps may not suit my playstyle

crysis pros; pretty cons; seems like a good place for l33tkiddies

Sorry for the infodump, but ive been out of it awhile so i figure the more info i give the better y'all can advise me. In summary my concern is to find something with solid voip where I dont have to listen to peoples, mothers yelling at them.

Many thanks in advance

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Arma will definitely not be too time consuming, but I would say wait until Day Z standalone comes out. Then for your more arcade-y FPS I would say play BF4, I am having an incredible time in the beta so far...and I like the feel of it better than BF3 by far!

To have the best time while playing those games tho;I feel that you need to have a couple of buddies that will play those games with you.

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You prefer to play as a scout or sniper kind of person but you don't think Battlefield's large maps will suit your playstyle?

As for annoying kids (don't use the term "l33tkiddies" again, it makes you look worse than the kids you hate), they're in every game. You've just got to deal with them. And, frankly, before I just stopped playing multiplayer altogether, I found that there are just as many annoying twenty somethings as there are annoying kids and I couldn't tell you which one is worse. At least the little fuckers have the excuse of only being 13 or 14 years old.

Anyway, have you given Counter Strike Global Offensive some thought? Seems like it would suit what you're looking for just fine.

Crysis 2's multiplayer was kinda fun but it was nothing special. I haven't played Crysis 3's but I'd bet it's no more special than Crysis 2's.

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@phil_graves said:

My preferred playstyle is scout/sniper.

battlefield pros; skills from bad company may carry over cons; large maps may not suit my playstyle

This seems a bit off.

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