Xbone Controller on PC - Rumble Trigger Support? TF/W_D

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Hey duders,

So when MS announced they released the drivers for PC I ran right out and bought an Xbox One controller. It seems ok, but so far I can't tell if the rumble triggers work on PC.. I haven't noticed anything while playing Watch Dogs and Titanfall... Though I suppose it is possible those games don't even have rumble trigger support on Xbox One... Any of you duders played Titanfall or Watch Dogs on the Xbone? If so, do you remember the rumble triggers working?

I can't think of any other current gen games I own that are also out on Xbox One...

Thanks for the help yall!

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@methodman008: I can't off the top of my head remember. I would imagine that both those games were created with the 360 controller in mind when they were made for PC. With the driver now officially out, I would imagine you will see PC games that support it from here on out.

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It is supported on a game by game basis. You should check the setting for the game itself. There is a remote chance they never bothered to support it on the PC version.

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Watch Dogs on Xbox One does a little bit of rumbling in the triggers while driving, but I seriously doubt they gave any consideration to including that support in the PC version - the official Xbox One drivers for PC only just became available.

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Ah, thanks for the answers duders.

Maybe the Respawn crew would be nice enough to patch that in... Though I kinda doubt it as the controller support for that game is pretty terrible.

Dead Rising 3 here I come!

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With the release of the XBOX One controller wireless dongle, I was wondering this same question. How about an update on this question?

How much support for rumble triggers have you XB1-PC users noticed in the last year?

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@hypnotoadbrwowrowrow: I was just talking to a friend about this the other day. He's been using an Xbox One controller on PC for the last year or so, and he said he hasn't so much as heard of a single game that supports the impulse triggers. From what I understand, not even Project Cars, a game that utilizes the impulse triggers on Xbox One, doesn't use them on the PC version.

This doesn't surprise me. Unless it's a first party Microsoft game that happens to also come to PC, I doubt many developers are going to bother coding in support for the impulse triggers. Although, from what I understand, even Project Cars doesn't support the impulse triggers on PC, even though it does on Xbox One.

I think that since such a small percentage of PC gamers are using the Xbox One controller, games that support it's unique features are going to be few and far between. It's almost the equivalent of a PC game having support for the DualShock 4's touch pad.

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The only game/series that I can even think of that uses the rumble triggers is Forza.
Can't remember if Watch Dogs did.

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@mike: There is an option in the PC version of F1 2015 to enable rumble in the triggers, but I can't really tell a difference.

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Kind of a side but related question but what button layout/prompts are being used in PC ports this year? I've been playing a lot of kb/m games this year but am building up a backlog of stuff I'm interested in, like Batman, MGS, Witcher, Fallout when it's out. I have a wireless 360 dongle but my 360 controller is starting to wear out. Wondering if I should replace it this holiday or upgrade.

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I want to say that Bio shock Infinite has support for rumble in the triggers (weird). I know this because I recently tested out an xbox one controller that I rebuilt for a friend and I SWEAR I felt the triggers rumbling while shooting. Other than that I think the new Wolfenstein also supports trigger rumble. Edit: haha necro thread. As for prompts I'd say 360/ONE are still the most used this year.

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@alanm26v5: The button layout on the Xbone pad is the same as the 360s apart from Start and Back so you won't have any problems even with games which use the Xbone prompts.

Witcher 3, for instance, uses the new colour scheme and font for button prompts but as it's still green/X. yellow/Y etc they're still second nature for a 360 pad user, and it makes no reference to the silly symbols the new pad uses instead of Pause and Back. From what I remember, the prompts on MGS 5 are monochrome ABXY etc.

I bought a new Xbone pad the other day and must say that the improvements in the bumpers over the first iteration mean that it's pretty damned good.


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