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    Peach Wilkins

    Character » appears in 2 games

    An ex-employee of Fontaine's Fisheries who became the leader of Frank Fontaine's team of smugglers.

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    Peach Wilkins was promised a better future in Frank Fontaine's smuggling ring. When Andrew Ryan cracked down on the smuggling ring and apparently killed Fontaine, Peach Wilkins took over. Whether Peach turned Fontaine in or he was simply caught is not known, however, Peach was paranoid for fear that Fontaine was not truly dead and barricaded himself and his workers in the freezers of the Fontaine Fisheries.


    You first meet Peach Wilkins in the Fontaine fisheries. From behind a locked door he tells you to go research splicers for him with the research camera. When you take enough pictures of splicers, he will let you in but will only confront you once you have put all your weapons down a pneumonic tube. Peach then betrays you and attacks you, forcing you to use your plasmids as your only attack. He is very similar to a Nitro Splicer but has significantly more health.  


    • The player never knows if Peach was responsible for Fontaine's supposed death, but the paranoia hints towards it.
    • Although Peach and Danny Wilkins (Bioshock 2 Multiplayer character) share the same last name, they are apparently unrelated.

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