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    The magnum opus of the Anti-Skullgirl Labs, Peacock is a mechanical monstrosity built from a broken little girl.

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    When she was rescued by Lab 8's Dr. Avian, she was just the orphan Patricia, her mind and body broken by the slave traders that captured her. Taking pity on her, Dr. Avian rebuilt the child with an arsenal of reality-defying weaponry. One of the two people in the Canopy Kingdom whose body has been infused with two synthetic parasites (the other being Lab Zero's Painwheel) Peacock has been granted some unique abilities as a result. The Argus System augments her body allowing her to see everything and generate powerful Z-rays from its eyes, while the Avery Unit allows her to access the vast array of weapons available to Lab 8, all of which was promptly twisted by the memories of the cartoons Patricia used to escape the pain of her slave life.

    Perhaps irretrievably damaged, she behaves like a rotten, spoiled and extremely unstable child. Terrifying as she may be, Peacock may very well be the best chance the Labs have to destroy the Skullgirl.

    While Peacock's primary purpose in life is destroying the Skullgirl, in her free time all she seems to want to do is watch television. One of her favorite shows is "Annie: Girl of the Stars."

    Peacock is a "zoning" character, and plays a mean game of keep-away with a variety of projectile attacks and escape moves. While she's best at a distance, she can still hold her own up close.

    Peacock is voiced by Sarah Williams.


    Peacock is woken to an alarm indicating the Skullgirl has surfaced and is sent out to New Meridian in search of her. However she is quickly recalled to Lab 8 by a distress call from Dr. Avian saying that they are under attack. She arrives to find Dr. Avian horribly injured who then uses his last breaths to tell her that it was Lab Zero's Valentine who betrayed them and led the Skullgirl to their location. Peacock vows revenge on the Skullgirl and goes out in search of her. Upon finding the Skullgirl, she is dismayed to realize that it is none other than her friend from the orphanage, Marie. Before she can do anything however, she is interrupted by Double, who poses as Peacock. After a short confrontation with Valentine, she finds Bloody Marie in the catacombs below the cathedral.

    Marie shows Peacock the faces of all the men who led to their enslavement, from the slavers themselves to their patrons, the Medici family, she then tells Peacock that she has vowed to rid the world of their evil and exact revenge for what they have done. Peacock fearing that Marie will lose control of the Skull Heart and become what she despises fights and defeats her friend. Victorious, she then destroys the Skull Heart and has one final conversation with her friend, vowing to continue her work.

    The story ends with Peacock confronting the head of the Medici Mafia, Lorenzo Medici, having destroyed all of his henchmen save one. Lorenzo calls for Black Dahlia, and the final frame is the two of them engaging in battle.


    • Peacock's likes include: Cartoons, TV Show “Annie: Girl of the Stars,” Movies, Violence, Junk food, Fast Cars, Explosives, Cigars, Being in charge
    • Peacock's dislikes include: Weaklings, Bureaucracy, Authority figures, People, The Skull Heart, Nerds, Salad, Chopsticks
    • Peacock is still capable of growing, so certain parts of her sometimes need to be removed and refitted.
    • According to Alex Ahad, Peacock will never stop believing in imaginary friends.
    • The Avery Unit, the artificial parasite which resides in Peacock's hat, is named after the Warner Bros. animator Tex Avery.

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