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Alyx Vance and her father, Eli Vance.
Alyx Vance and her father, Eli Vance.
A peg-leg is a form of artificial limb. Peg-legs are typically illustrated as a carved piece of wood, as often seen related to pirates. In modern days/games, peg-legs have been replaced by more modern materials. One of the best known game characters using a peg-leg in a modern environment, is Eli Vance from the Half-Life 2 games.

Wirt's Leg

The best-known peg-leg in the gaming world, is without a doubt belonging to the boy Wirt.

Wirt's Third Leg from World of Warcraft
Wirt's Third Leg from World of Warcraft
  • Wirt is first encountered in Diablo as a NPC in the town of Tristram. He was attacked by a swarm of demons, who severed his leg as he tried to escape. Fortunately, he was rescued, and Pepin the town healer was able to save his life. Now he hobbles through life on a peg leg. Incredibly greedy by nature, Wirt will sell the player a single magical item, but it always costs a vast amount of gold, and it costs 50 gold just to see what it is.
  • By the time of Diablo II, Wirt has unfortunately been killed. By clicking on his corpse, Wirt's ill-gotten gold will drop together with an item called "Wirt's Leg". The leg can be used as a club, but has very low stats - making it practically unusable. The leg is the key to unlocking the secret cow level; a place where demonic cows with halberds hunt the players, while they all say the characteristic "Moo, moo, moo-moo."
  • In Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne an item called "Wirt's Second Leg" is hidden in a secret area as an easter egg.
  • In World of Warcraft the rare item " Wirt's Third Leg" can be found by players in the world of Azeroth.

It obviously makes no sense that Wirt should have three legs, but Blizzard are known to eagerly include lots of easter eggs in their games.

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