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Pegasus Boots are an item that has made several appearances in The Legend of Zelda franchise, typically in handheld games. Its first appearance was in A Link to the Past where they were known as "Pegasus Shoes" but it has been changed to boots for every appearance since and in the remake for Game Boy Advance. The boots always grant Link the ability to move at a much quicker pace, sometimes at four times his normal speed. Abilities that the boots have shown in the past include allowing Link to smash through walls, knock items from trees, run across dangerous flooring and run over gaps without falling. In Link's Awakening the boots allow Link to jump large distances when combined with Roc's feather. The boots usually have silver wings on either side adorning them but this is not always the case. In Link's Awakening an item named Pegasus Seeds makes an appearance and it grants Link the exact same abilities as the Pegasus Boots.

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