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    Pegasus Knight

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    A common character class that has appeared in every entry in the Fire Emblem series.

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    Pegasus Knights are a common character class of the Fire Emblem series. As the name implies, they ride pegasi, or winged horses, making them one of the few flying unit types in the series. Pegasus Knights have a high movement range and typically favor speed over strength. As with other flying units, their primary weaknesses are archers and ballistas. Members of the Pegasus Knight class are traditionally female.

    Promotion Classes

    In earlier entries in the Fire Emblem series, Pegasus Knights could promote into the Wyvern Rider class. Starting in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu, however, Wyvern Riders became a separate base class, and Pegasus Knights gained a new promotion class in the Falcon Knight, which despite its name is an upgraded Pegasus Knight class. The exception to this rule is Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, which features a branching promotion path that allows Pegasus Knights to become Wyvern Knights. In Fire Emblem: Awakening, the class is once again given a branching promotion option, and can either become a Falcon Knight or a Dark Flier; an offensive magic-wielding class that rides a black pegasus.


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