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If you need more Peggle, this is a great grab 0

Peggle is one of the finer casual games to show up in a long time. If you liked it, and you are tired of playing those levels, then Peggle Nights is exactly what you are looking for. It has a ton of new levels, one new green peg power-up, and some other minor additions to the gameplay that extend the life of the game. This package is a great grab for only ten bucks. Even if you skipped the first game, you might want to just go ahead and start with this one.The gameplay for Peggle Nights is mostl...

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Peggle Nights 0

 Peggle Nights is about what you'd expect - more Peggle. It's a fun and satisfying little puzzle game that will get you addicted if you let it. It has about the right mix of easy to learn and challenging to master that any simple game of its type should. I was a little disappointed by how similar it was to the original, though. There's one new character with an accompanying new power-up, a couple new techniques to earn bonus points, a new "aced" score for each level (I only achieved it a handful...

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