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Holy Hot Hell, I cant believe howenthralled i became when playing Peggle, a friend of mine tried to get me to play it on the PC a couple of times, but it always looked dumb or to "flash games" like for me to gather any interes. I reluctantly tried it and, i hate to admit this but i absouluty fell in love with its simple but gameplay and totally "Extreme Fever" style of art and direction in everything from the loading screen (cranking awsomeness) to the crazy animal "masters" i also really enjoyed playing the party mode with friends and talking a whole mess of shit to eachother and all we were doing was shooting a little ball to hit other little balls, i was very impressed and i cant wait to play more, try the trail version and if it even remotely catches your interest i garantee if you unlock the full game you will be consumed by its "fever pitch" style. Bijorn wont let u down so get to it, u might just get EXTREME FEVER!

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