Dead Island scares me a lot, so I'm going to play this at night.

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Recently I've had this craving for horror. Horror movies do not scare me like they use to.   
I bought Dead Island because I didn't think my PC could run Amnesia or Penumbra. So I tried playing through Dead Island but I HATE the controls and the gameplay is frustrating. Dead Island still scares me though.  
Today I found out I can run Penumbra: Black Plague on my laptop. So for Christmas I'm getting Penumbra and a headset so I can play this at night, with the lights off. 
Part of me thinks this is a TERRIBLE idea but the other part thinks it's a good idea.  
Anyone wanna tell me if they could accomplish this feat?

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I can't play scary games at all, don't have a problem with scary movies, but for some reason scary games are too much for me, it's like the scariness factor gets amplified because I'm controlling the action or something. 

didn't found Dead Island to be particularly scary though.

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Uhm, good luck!

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