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    Pepper Roni

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Pepper Roni is the "pizza delivery dude" or "dude with the food" and adopted son of Papa and Mama Brickolini. He is mostly seen riding his skateboard around Lego Island.

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    Pepper Roni is the adopted son of Mama and Papa Brickolini. His biological father Blonga Roni was an adventurer and storyteller, but he never came back. Pepper works as a pizza delivery boy for his guardians' pizzeria. He is a skateboarding ace and is also good at mathematics in school, but is not good at reading, writing, and spelling. In Lego Island, Pepper has blue eyes, a red shirt with a pizza logo, blue legs, and a white sideways cap with "P" on it. Papa has Pepper deliver a spicy pizza to the Brickster, but the Brickster uses the pizza's fumes to melt the prison lock and escape aboard the helicopter and steal the Power Brick from atop the Information Centre. Pepper gives chase to the Brickster who starts a deconstructing spree from an ambulance, firing the Power Brick's beam, while dropping pieces which Pepper retrieves. Those turn out to be for the helicopter, so Pepper retrieves the other bricks and rebuilds the chopper. Flying the helicopter, Pepper lures the Brickster to Officers Nick and Laura Brick and captures the fiend.

    In Lego Island 2, Pepper is a pre-teen and has white eyes with black pupils, elbow pads, knee pads, blue arms on his red shirt, wears his cap forward with headphones, has a green pizza logo backpack, and sneaker markings on his feet. He delivers 11 pizzas to the Lego Island Citizens in exchange for bricks for his new home. Once finished, he has to deliver one more pizza to the Brickster. Unfortunately, the Brickster has been saving chilis from previous pizzas and eats them all for his "Dragon Breath Blow" to melt the lock. The Brickster once again escapes in the helicopter and sneaks into the Information Centre to steal the Constructopedia. The Brickster dissembles Lego Island by ripping out the pages and summons his Brickster Bots from Ogel Island before escaping there. Pepper retrieves four pages and smashes Brickster Bot heads for the Infomaniac's mainframe, enabling him to go to Castle Island by boat. By the time he arrives, the Brickster has broken the bridge between the Lions and the Bulls and they can't battle. Pepper manages to retrieve the bricks underwater and a page. He then finds another page as a replacement flag at the Bulls Castle, as their original one was stolen by the Lions. Pepper offers to retrieve their flag for the page and goes to get it from the Lions. The Lions would give it to him if he defeats the Bulls' Dark Knight in a joust which he does. Pepper then takes the flag to the Bulls, but Cedric the Bull attacks him with cannons. Pepper uses cannons to defeat Cedric and secure the page. He goes back to Lego Island to collect 2 more pages and some Brickster Bot heads before heading to Adventurers' Island via helicopter. He meets Johnny Thunder, Pippin Reed, and Dr. Kilroy. He helps them by shooting coconuts at snakes and taking gems from them. Pepper then finds a page in the matching mummies tomb before driving an automobile to the oasis. There, he catches a fish named Big Bertha and takes the page she ate before heading over to the jungle via bi-plane. There, he rides a Tyrannosaurus Rex to Mr. Hates' camp. Mr. Hates has a page and would only give it up when Pepper freed his captured dinosaurs, sandbagged him, and threatened to hit him. Pepper goes back to Lego Island on Pterodactyl and finds four more pages before being introduced to stronger Brickster Bots that can be destroyed by music. Also, the Brickster captures Mama and Papa for his personal chefs. After destroying the Brickster Bots, Pepper prepares for space with centrifuge and parachute training. He then navigates the shuttle through an asteroid field and parachutes to Ogel Island, as the Brickster has stolen the landing gear. He makes pizza with Mama and Papa to put the Ogel citizens to sleep, before confronting the Brickster atop his palace and defeating him with white-hot pizza, forcing the Brickster to run into his well for water before being slammed shut in. Pepper then goes back to Lego Island with Mama and Papa in tow and he gets a girlfriend.

    Pepper's last appearance was in Island Xtreme Stunts. He is now a teenager and has black eyes with white pupils. Pepper is cast as a stuntman along with the Brickster who has been let out of jail to do so. Pepper goes through several stunts before the Brickster reveals that he is still going to destroy Lego Island. Pepper stops him and enjoys how his film came out. Unlike in the last two game, Pepper barely talks outside of the occasional grunt or exclamation.


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