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    Pepper's Adventures in Time

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1993

    An edutainment game featuring a girl and her dog time traveling to colonial-era Philadelphia. This adventure game was part of Sierra's Discovery Series.

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    Based on an original concept by Bill Davis, Pepper's Adventures in Time is the only installment in what was intended to be a series of historical educational games. A girl named Pepper and her dog Lockjaw are transported from the present day to Philadelphia in 1764. Most of the game centers around helping Benjamin Franklin and learning about his writings and scientific experiments.

    The game uses Sierra's traditional point-and-click SCI adventure game engine. A new addition to the interface was the addition of Lockjaw the dog as a playable character. Lockjaw's interaction modes include the ability to smell objects and/or bite them.

    System requirements

    • MS-DOS 3.3 or Windows 3.1 or greater
    • 286 processor
    • 2 MB RAM
    • 9 MB Hard drive space
    • VGA
    • SoundBlaster, AdLib, Roland MT-32/LAPC-1/CM-32L/CM-64 or General MIDI
    • Mouse

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