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    Pepsi Man

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    Pepsi Man is a Pepsi-themed superhero from a popular series of Japanese advertisements. He was an unlockable character in the import version of Fighting Vipers for the Sega Saturn and also stars in his own, self-titled game for the Playstation.

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    Pepsi Man was created in the early 90's as an official mascot for Pepsi in Japan. Since then, Pepsi Man has appeared in various commercials in which he comes to the aid of heavily parched people by offering them a Pepsi for quenching. After servicing the thirsty citizens, Pepsi Man always endures some sort of pain, which signaled the end of the commercial. The series of events that occur in the commercials also found their way into the Pepsi Man game.

    Pepsi Man is one of a handful of mascots to make their way into the video game universe. Other mascot's featured in video games include Chester Cheetah for Cheetos and Spot of 7-up.

    In Japan, the Saturn version of Fighting Vipers has Pepsi Man as an unlockable character. He was removed from the US and PAL releases, believed to be due to legal issues which would have arisen out of the importation of the character into other territories.


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