OK, they need to make Perfect Dark 2 now...

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I haven't played Perfect Dark in a long time now, and though I'm thinking about going back and playing Zero to get a feel for it once again, this is really just about me thinking of how great it would be if they would make a new Perfect Dark game. What the heck is Rare doing anyways? Would you like to see a sequel to the original Perfect Dark (preferably with Joanna Dark having longer hair as opposed to the N64's shorter, more boyish look)?

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@NTM said:
 (preferably with Joanna Dark having longer hair as opposed to the N64's shorter, more boyish look)?  
How many lonely nights do you spend thinking about that pixelated woman? 
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#3 Posted by NTM (9803 posts) -

Whoa, no more Perfect Dark fans huh? 

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#4 Posted by Vinny_Says (5914 posts) -

What's so great about that original perfect dark? (That would apply to today's standard of video games)

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#5 Posted by President_Barackbar (3610 posts) -

Why? After PD:Z I sure as hell wouldn't buy it.

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#6 Posted by Generiko (458 posts) -
@blacklabeldomm: The number of options
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how do you  make a PD game that standout from the FPS market now?
 aside from the soft moans Joanna makes when she gets shot there isn't much you can do. 
 even you go the third person shooter route, the whole vinyl ass shot can't sustain itself. 
i would like to see the continuing adventures of Ms Dark (and Kameo lady)  but I'm not sure how they will do it.

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#8 Posted by udabenshen (191 posts) -
@Generiko: Just download Unreal Tournament 2004.  Done.
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#9 Posted by Chris2KLee (2402 posts) -

I have no idea what condition Rare is in right now, but I doubt they are willing to try and throwdown in an already crowded FPS market. Also, as an MS owned studio they'd have to probably get the go ahead from MS, which I doubt is eager to continue the series after PDZ.

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I loved perfect dark on the n64! That game was awesome!  SOOOOO GOOOOOOD!
But everyone in this thread is right. FPS's are over done now and there is nothing in the OG game to distinguish it from other games at this point.   
I'm not really excited for a new perfect dark game because honestly it probably wouldn't be good. 
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Maaaan, no they don't!
It was already brought up that Perfect Dark Zero was awful.  I replayed Perfect Dark in its HD re-release and it wasn't that good.  It was good for its time but it is stuck in that era of console FPSs.  There's nothing that great about the universe and Rare doesn't really have my confidence at the moment.  Besides Nuts and Bolts (which still had quite a few problems), they haven't done much that has impressed me.

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Aren't most of the people who actually made the good Rare games... gone? 

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@blacklabeldomm: No, to tell you the truth, I'm not that into the original. I was only into it for a while, and Perfect Dark Zero is only OK by now, but all I'm saying (or asking) is wouldn't it be nice to see a sequel?
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I played the remake recently, bought it on impulse, its rather good, game is still pretty solid in terms of how the levels flow and shooting feels great.
I'd be all for it, I just can't see them doing it justice without making it too much like the 'real' war shooters.

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