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    Perfect Dark

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Aug 28, 2000

    Joanna Dark is a secret agent in this Rare developed prequel to the N64 FPS.

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    Perfect Dark is a video game for the Game Boy Color developed by Rare and released in 2000. Like the Nintendo 64 game, Perfect Dark for Game Boy Color follows the exploits of secret agent Joanna Dark. In this edition, Agent Dark must complete seven huge missions that involve weapon play as well as puzzle solving. These missions revolve around the destruction of illegal cyborg manufacturing facilities. The game features full motion video cutscenes that unfold the storyline for the gamer. The game itself doesn't utilize a first-person perspective for the action -- instead, Perfect Dark GBC features a pseudo-overhead viewpoint, much like what Konami did with Metal Gear: Ghost Babel and what Rebellion did with Mission: Impossible. However, at certain points in the game you'll be placed in a through-the-eyes perspective as well. This game also has a built-in rumble feature.

    Perfect Dark on the Game Boy Color was set in the year leading up to the start of the N64 game, covering her final test and graduation to full service as a Carrington Institute operative and her first mission. The game was played mostly from an isometric top-down perspective but included a variety of other game types such as a vertically scrolling driving section, a first-person sniping section and a number of different boss fight stages. The game encouraged stealth over action in keeping with the N64 game.

    The game made use of many of the features of the hardware. A two player deathmatch mode made use of the link cable, unlockable stickers could be printed using the Game Boy printer or traded with other players via the infra-red port and the cartridge had a built-in rumble feature. If used in conjunction with the N64 Transfer Pak, the game could be used to unlock four cheat modes in N64 Perfect Dark - All Weapons, Claoking Device, Hurricane Fists and R-Tracker.

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