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    A Sci-Fi Mech MMORPG, currently in Beta. The game mimics many of the aspects of Eve, though being ground based with Mech combat differentiates it from other MMOs currently available.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen

    We're glad to announce that beginning today, Early Access subscriptions for Perpetuum are available for €8.95/$9.95.

    With an Early Access subscription players will be able to start playing one full week before the official launch, and each such account will receive 4 weeks worth of extra Extension Points. Early Access subscriptions, like normal subscriptions will enable 30 days of playtime, additionally to the 7 days of the Early Access period (so 37 days altogether).

    This is a great opportunity to begin the exploration of planet Nia together with the first pioneers and gain a competitive edge. So don't miss out and get an Early Access now!

    Already subscribed after trying the Open Beta. 
    10$~ per month and no fees for the client = epic :)

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