Attacks That Grind Your Gears

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Kanji's This'll Hurt attack really rustles my jimmies. I main Yosuke and I'm trying to work my way through the Arcade mode on Hell difficulty. Needless to say, it's incredibly frustrating being stuck on the second match. Kanji is a grappler, which is fine for anyone that can stay away from him but Yosuke doesn't have a whole lot of ranged attacks.

I've had my ass handed to me by Mr. Tatsumi 10 times in the past half hour and EVERY TIME he KO's me it's with This'll Hurt.

Why I hate it:

1. Yosuke's kinda squishy so it deals a solid 1/3 of my health bar in damage.

2. It is a grab which makes it much harder to block.

3. It only uses TWENTY-FIVE SP. At a full charge he can (and has) use in 3-4 times in a row.

I know I'm probably complaining about nothing, and maybe I'm just not ready for Hell difficulty. But the only way I'm going to get better is by playing on the harder modes.

Does anyone else have any attacks that you absolutely hate?

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Chie 5A. It's lame.

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Mitsuru DP because I am fucking stupid.

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