Not a fighting fan, should I get P4 Arena?

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#1 Posted by ll_Exile_ll (2694 posts) -

I have been much a fan of fighting games. I like Super Smash Bros and I occasionally enjoy playing Mortal Kombat with friends (locally only), but other than that I don't really much care for fighting games. I do, however, love both Persona 3 and 4, so the notion of continuing the story of those games is something I absolutely want to experience.

So, my questions are:

  • Is the fighting system such that I could just button mash my way through the single player fights to experience the story?
  • Is the story even worth playing a genre that I don't really care for?
  • Would watching the story parts on youtube take away from the experience?

Thanks for the help.

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#2 Posted by FLStyle (6256 posts) -

@ll_Exile_ll: All the characters' play-throughs are on youtube, the fighting system is 2% of the story mode, look them up and enjoy.

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If you have absol

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#4 Posted by Brodehouse (10827 posts) -

... Absolutely no interest in the gameplay, YouTube will be good enough. There is nothing in the gameplay that really 'amplify' the story like a survival horror game or so one.

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#5 Posted by kerse (2450 posts) -

If you can get it cheap, I think its worth it. But no point in buying a game if you don't actually want to play any of it. Youtube would probably cover you.

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#6 Posted by Raem0268 (4 posts) -

Buy it! Story mode is about 20-25 hours long the game is about 30-40 bucks now? Supporting Atlus is the way to go!

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Your experience with fighting games and the persona series appear to mirror my own, and to you I say;

Yeah, you would probably enjoy it. As long as you understand that you will basically be reading for 20 hours and fighting for maybe... an hour? if you only play the Story mode that is.

The insight into the characters of both persona 4 and 3 is interesting, and the two group's interactions with each other are enjoyable (and sometimes really fuckin funny) as well. I personally like the story of the game, and didn't like the main new character at first but eventually grew to like her. I am currently holding off on one of the character's campaign as I have heard it spoils the ending to persona 3, and I am like.... halfway through that game and am trying to finish it as soon as possible so I can get back to the P4 Arena story.

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