Palette Swaps: Persona 3 Main?

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You want Yuu to look like persona 3 main.. cause you wish he was there? Yeah we can do that.

More than a few shown Pallete swaps shown on Siliconera that I thought were neat, i didn't see them shown on here so I figured I'd post.
If you look close at this one you can find a 'yukari' one. You might not get her or the p3 main, but they will be there in spirit. Some of them I don't know about or need an image to compare but I thought it was a neat concept as a whole. Check out Siliconera post for more of the pallet swaps and in the comments, there is even a Teddie one like Tao from blazblue.
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Unno.. something neat.
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Those look pretty good

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@FluxWaveZ: Ah, I was wondering why I never saw a thread for it, ah well.

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