PErsona for for which PS3 or Xbox 360?

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So duders ... Its coming to my country (mexico ) and even if Im reading right its already being sold .... YEs!!!!!! Now the problem is for which console should I get it tho? For PS3 I tend to get them because the controler works best for fighting gamesw (I dont have the cash for a stcik unfortunately) Or should I get for Xbox? Which could have more players for it ... altho I dont wish to begin to repay for xbox live .... :/ so any of you heard which version is better? Or has better netcode? Which one you are getting?

Edit: Just realized that I forgot to place "4 Arena" :/ sorry about that

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don't know which version is "better" but if you look at the Social Link thread that is going on the PS3 is definitely the platform to go with if you want to play with people from GB.

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@MyNiceIceLife: Oh then that settles it thanks duder :D yeah I kinda did gave myself the answer too , I mean the pad on the PS3 controllers is sooooo much better for fighting games anyway , and no paying for online is a big plus

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That's why I'mm fortunate enough to have friends with PS3's XD I need to get one. I'm a lonely 360 user....

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