What character are you most excited to play as in P4A?

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A fighting game without taunts? What is this?

I'm sure I saw some one use the taunt bottom before in one of the jp matches?

You'd have to link that, because from what I can tell, there is no taunt input in the game. I could be wrong, though, and it's just been practically never mentioned.

That's because in most games, taunts are a cosmetic afterthought with no gameplay significance except showing off. If there is a taunt feature (and I'm guessing that there is), it's not something that people are going to make a big deal about unless they were like Street Fighter III taunts that actually do have gameplay effects.

True, but it's a traditional thing you know? Kind sad it's not there.

I'm pretty interested to see how much of a problem dia is going to be with yukiko. Unilateral healing shield that can block projectiles...interesting tech.

It also works as a DP and it can be super cancelled but if you whiff it or try to raw heal yourself you'r going to get punish bad for that.

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A potential indication of how used each character will be (and possibly which characters are currently the weakest) is the tally from SBO qualifiers from Eventhubs:

Mitsuru - 11
Aigis - 9
Chie - 9
Narukami - 9
Kuma - 6
Akihiko - 4
Yukiko - 4
Shadow Labrys - 3
Elizabeth - 2
Kanji - 1
Labrys - 1
Naoto - 1
Yousuke - 1
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@FluxWaveZ: Only one Yousuke? Well that's surprising.

Also maining Mitsuru. Hu-hu-hu~

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