Did this game have a limited amount shipped?

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I went to many different stores today and no one seems to have this game. I know I can look online but I wanted to but at retail. Did this game have limited manufacturing?

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#2 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19835 posts) -

Most Atlus published games have limited shipments.

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Wouldn't be surprised given it was on the Vita and published by Atlus

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Not to sound like a broken record, but yeah, they didn't make a lot because it's published by Atlus, and Atlus knows they put out niche games (plus there aren't even a ton of Vita owners in the world). I don't know how well you know publishers, but if something is published by Atlus or XSEED, assume there are limited supplies of it. There are other publishers that fall into that category as well.

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#5 Posted by SmasheControllers (2951 posts) -

Probably, most Atlus titles have limited runs which is why many become collector's items.

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Bought mine at Amazon (like I do all games) and had no issues. So, if you're willing to go online looks like Amazon still has copies (just checked).

As far as retail goes, I only checked Walmart because I happened to be there for other things and they had no copies. But then again, their Vita section contains maybe 4 games at most, so it was squeezed out in favor of some other things.

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Have we invented infinite manufacturing yet? No? Then a limited amount were shipped.

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I hear this place called Amazon Dot Com is popular

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I had stated I know you can get it online but I wanted to get it around here.

I found it today. Thus begins the adventures of Charles Rambo

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Why would you look for it in stores when you can download it straight from the PS Store on the Vita?!

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