Is some one reviewing this one?

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I know I shouldn't ask this, but I was wondering if someone on the BombSquad is going to review this game. Probably not Vinny or Jeff. Maybe Brad? I'd love to know his opinion on the game.

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I'd actually think it'd be more likely to be Jeff considering the ER makes him and Vinny the subject matter expert. I doubt Vinny would do it since he hasn't done reviews in a while and is probably swamped with video production-type work and the such. I figure they'd stick to one of the two since they'd be able to tell what changes there were and compare with the original Persona 4.

Then again, I think it's more likely for there to actually be no review for Persona 4 Golden considering how much time it'd take for them to play through it completely to be able to talk about all of the changes and I doubt any of the staff would readily be able to commit all that time to just Persona 4 Golden.

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I can almost garauntee Jeff will review it. I'm pretty sure he's the only one with a Vita and he and Vinny are considered experts on the subjects of pot dealing foxes and beef bowls.

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@Zripwud said:

I know I shouldn't ask this, but I was wondering if someone on the BombSquad is going to review this game. Probably not Vinny or Jeff. Maybe Brad? I'd love to know his opinion on the game.

Firstly, I doubt someone on the crew will play through a 90+ hours game for review, especially since Vinny and Jeff played through the regular version already. But hey, stranger things have happened!

Also, I firmly believe that no matter what they do, people will complain.

  • Option A: No review / No quick look. "I see they continue to ignore JRPGs, which is why I continue to ignore Giant Bomb rabble rabble rabble"
  • Option B: No review / A quick look. "omg why are they not playing correctly damn idiots, I had to turn it off halfway through rabble rabble rabble"
  • Option C: A review / A quick look. "Sigh, they scored the game too high / too low, as expected. Why can't they ever do stuff right rabble rabble rabble"

Lesson learned: No matter what happens, we will hear that rabble rabble rabble.

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The only real hope is if Patrick plays this after liking Catherine, and a review falling out of that. But this is unlikely for a variety of reasons.

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I guarantee there will not be a review for this game.

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Probably a quick look ex is all you'll get.

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Doubtful, we all know how the crew feel about Persona 4 and I doubt the stuff added in The Golden requires an entire new look at it. Maybe a quick look, but even that's unnecessary.

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Why would they review this? We all know what Persona is at this point. Why waste 100 hours to tell us what we already know? Persona 4 is pretty good. 

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Jeff already said it. It is coming out in the busy season and it isn't worth the time for someone to play it through. Even if you critical path the game it is going to be 30-40 hours.

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Jeff's dismissal of a long game is a bummer. I get it, but that doesn't leave much hope for any other coverage of similar types of games. P4G is kind of a know quantity in terms of a review though. I mean, Jeff and Vinny really like the original and this is just a remake for a portable system, so I'd say we know how they feel.

I also find it sad that people feel guilty for asking the staff about Persona coverage. Again, it is something I understand, but it is a shame nonetheless.

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It pretty obvious that the game is already good so there is no need for a review, at least from them. They'll probably just talk about it and maybe a quick look (If they can capture video from a Vita).

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@metalsnakezero said:

(If they can capture video from a Vita).

Only reasonable hope of that happening is if Atlus brings along a devkit Vita (which have HDMI out) for a Quick Look EX. Or maybe they can give GB some footage for a "Ask me anything" video.

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Considering most of the stuff Jeff would be interested in (new story stuff) happens near the the end of the game I wouldn't count on a QL ether.

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@Bocam said:

Considering most of the stuff Jeff would be interested in (new story stuff) happens near the the end of the game I wouldn't count on a QL ether.

Also, they still have no way of recording Vita footage.
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There's obviously no way they would spend their time reviewing this game when they have recorded footage of the entire thing already on the site. Ryan did say this might be the thing to get him to play Persona 4 though.

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I doubt it. We'd be lucky if one of them even played it to completion since it's so long, they have other stuff to do and they've already seen the story. There's no need for a review, assume it'll get 4/5 stars like vanilla P4 probably would have if a review was deemed necessary after 155 episodes of ER and 99hr 59m of gameplay.

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It might. When Jeff wrote that it was back when we thought it was coming out late October early November. Its been moved to November 20th which puts it after everything else big (BLops, Halo 4, ACIII, RE6, XCOM, Dishonored, Forza Horizon) for the holiday season. Now the WiiU might release that week and Hitman, Epic Mickey 2, and Playstaion All Stars also all come out that week. But that is pretty much the end of the new release season.

So it still unlikely but given that position someone might play over the Thanksgiving break and write something on it the following week.

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