Who do you roll with most often?

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#1 Posted by Adaurin (199 posts) -

I'm basing my play through of Golden off of the Endurance Run. For example, I joined band and the soccer team instead of drama and basketball. It's also made me use a completely different crew than the one that Jeff and Vinny favored. I replaced Chie with Kanji, then Yukiko with Teddie, and finally Yosuke with Naoto. I have to say it's working really well and I think they did a good job balance the other party members skills. Does anyone else have a particular party that they favor.

On a related note are their any other combo attacks other than Chie & Yukiko, Yosuke & Teddie, and Kanji & Naoto?

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#2 Posted by TohruAdachi (275 posts) -

My party is Naoto/Teddie/Chie. I like rolling with those three that is all,however my next gameplay is going to be Yosuke/Yukiko/Kanji since I haven't played with them in awhile,and I can't leave Inferno afro Susano'O,so I'm have to take one for the team and replace my other favorite characters,Teddie and Naoto.

and to answer your question No there is not.

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#3 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

Naoto and Kanji most underrated party members of all time.

Almighty damage 420 fuck the police.

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#4 Posted by Gahzoo (363 posts) -

Naoto blew so damn hard in the original though. She was worthless lol.

Too bad no Vita.

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#5 Posted by TohruAdachi (275 posts) -

: When was Kanji ever underrated? He was still the strongest physical character in the original and was commonly used.

: When was Naoto ever worthless,she's weak,but she's not worthless. Her Mamudoon and Mahamaon clears through the dungeons like crazy. Even now she's still pretty weak,but I don't mind.

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#6 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

@TohruAdachi: I remember everyone talking shit about Kanji because everyone just used Chie.

And my memory is flawless.

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#7 Edited by selfconfessedcynic (2970 posts) -

I generally roll with Naoto / Yosuke / Yukiko for sheer non-physical OPness (My MC is the physical dude for the team).

This time though, since I won't be using my 3x Auto-Buff Norn I'll be rolling with Naoto / Yosuke / Teddy.

ED: And I'll get behind Naoto not being too good in the original when in a boss fight (outside boss fights she was rigged, and she still is). I made up for it by having her use buff items for bosses (diamond shield, assault signal, etc) so she was invaluable for those fights too.

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#8 Edited by kerse (2450 posts) -

rolling with Kanji/Yosuke/Naoto atm, I'm really glad they gave Naoto access to all the single dyne spells and mind charge, makes her actually useful in bosses too. I think next time I'll go with Chie/Teddy/Yukiko, maybe Yosuke instead of Chie though, I feel weird without him in my party. Also Kanji is and was always a beast, they gave him power charge in this game, so primal force hits like a fucking semi.

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#9 Posted by wchigo (780 posts) -

I went with the default party in the original P4, as well as Soccer and Drama (this was before I was even aware of the existence of the ER).

Because of that, I went with Basketball and Band when playing Golden. I've only cleared Yukiko's dungeon thus far, as I've been balancing playing this game amongst several others (Far Cry 3, Persona 4 Arena, Deus Ex: Human Revolution). I may give another party configuration a try this time around, but I think it will be difficult for me not using the fabulous foursome.

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#10 Posted by AlisterCat (7362 posts) -

I can't seem to go away from the default party, but I think the perfect party would be the same except swapping Chie with Naoto.

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#11 Posted by OmegaChosen (658 posts) -

In vanilla P4 it was the default party since I wanted to keep an equal boy/girl ratio (I need equal parts pretty to manly damnit) and I'd have needed to get rid of Yosuke for either Teddie or Kanji and I just found him way too useful to replace. Naoto's skillset never really grabbed me once she showed up either so I just stuck with the main four.

In Golden I've done the same except that once Naoto shows up I replaced Yosuke with her (MC is plenty manly in that new trenchcoat outfit). Now that Naoto can learn each elemental spell she's actually become one of my most useful team members, somewhat akin to a secondary MC in terms of versatility. It's actually worked out pretty well: if I get the drop on the enemy the MC will knock down the enemies with the rest of the team cleaning up the stragglers. If not, Chie with her physical moves and Naoto with her quad-dynes can cover the knock down weaknesses themselves. Yukiko actually didn't come into play much towards the end of game outside of boss fights and dark-weak enemies since MC, Chie, and Naoto would usually finish off the enemies before she got a turn.

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#12 Posted by prestonhedges (1961 posts) -

Kanji, Teddie, and then either Yosuke or Naoto.

Chie just becomes useless for the middle half of the game.

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