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Golden Indeed 0

Yes, Persona 4 Golden is a remake of a PS2 game for a struggling and expensive platform. Two things that are normally deal breakers for most games end up being insignificant blemishes on this updated classic.Going in to this review you can already tell what I think of it. They perfected an already incredible game. Persona 4 for the PS2 is highly regarded as one of the finest JRPGs despite being launched so late in to the life of the PS2, well after the launch of the Xbox 360 and PS3. Upon playin...

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Say Hello To Old Friends, One More Time 0

Playing Persona 4 Golden was a joy and a tragedy. It was a joy much the same way as meeting a friend whom you haven't seen in a long time. Similarly, it is a tragedy in that that friend will, in time leave.After two playthroughs and almost two hundred total hours, I experienced the joy of getting to know Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, and the other members of the Investigation Team and exploring Inaba for the first time in four years. I also experienced the bittersweet pang of standing at the TV world's ...

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Persona 4: Golden is a must play, even for fans who have already previously completed the game. 0

When it comes to naming the greatest games, I am not at all afraid to say that the PlayStation 2 release of Persona 4 ended up as not only one of the best RPGs I had ever played, but one of my favourite games of all time. Persona 4 was the ultimate swan song for the PlayStation 2 – which had built itself up to be quite a system for fans of Japanese RPGs. Persona 4 came so late into the system’s life (we’re talking early 2009 if you lived in the UK), and yet it kicked so much butt, showing the cu...

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What I didn't think was possible - A better version of Persona 4 0

This really isn’t a review of Persona 4 Golden. I’m not going to talk about the gameplay systems or the story or any of that. It’s been done before, by writers much more skilled than me. Instead, what I wanted to do was mention some of the new features in Golden, and why they make the game so much better, as a HUGE fan of the series. It may not be much of a review, but I still feel it is worth writing about. WARNING: I will spoil a bit of what can be found in the game, but I don’t discuss all th...

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Everyday is Better at your Junes 0

There's nothing better than finding something new when returning to your hometown; a few new places to hang out and even, if you're lucky, some new friends. The additions made to the already memorable Inaba in Persona 4 Golden are enough to turn this into a brave new world. From dungeons, to improved graphics, mechanics and storylines, Golden breathes new, OLED bright life into an already colorful experience. Series veterans will recognize the battle and dungeon systems from the vanilla 4 exper...

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The New Golden Standard for Japanese RPGs 0

Persona 4: Golden, an updated rerelease of the most recent entry in the off-shoot Shin Megami Tensei series, brings everything from the original title for the Playstation 2 to the Playstation Vita and then some. With additional characters, dungeons, locations, Personae, Social Links, game mechanics, and events, including a new epilogue, Golden adds a ton of content to an already lengthy game. By the end, the game clock read just a little over 108 hours on my final save file. And that’s not count...

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Great Story, Great Gameplay. (May 2013) 0

This is one of those backlog regrets. The one I didn't play, when I should have. I even bought it twice! Although honestly, it was an excuse to plow down on my Vita, which hasn't really had much to play since I bought it. Best 300 dollars I've ever spent. The short version of this review so far is that you should play this game, especially if you're even the slightest bit of an RPG fan.Persona 4 is a turned-based RPG game, much like Final Fantasy or Pokemon. You control a party of three team mem...

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An Absolute Treat of a Game! 0

I am generally not a big fan of anime based games, but this game is absolutely fantastic!I was hesitant at first to pick this game up, based on old memories of playing an old PS1 Persona game, I thought this game wasn't going to be any good. But after seeing how much everyone seemed to love it I decided to give it a shot, and I am glad that I did!The graphics, the music, the voice acting, the character development, at nearly every level this game is excellent. The characters and their story r...

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Great RPG 0

This game was very entertaining with fun characters, variety of activities to do and fun challenges while still being a dark, suspense game. My only complaint is that there is no option to play as a female character. Overall still a great game you won't get tired of it....

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Cos This Ain't No Game 1

A long time fan of the Endurance Run, I decided to get P4G mostly because I couldn't find (and I tried) a copy of Persona 4, and because I wanted to experience some of the stuff Jeff and Vinny didn't go through. As a result, the story doesn't come as a surprise to me, but it's still very enjoyable.STORYYou probably know the basic setup for Persona 4 Golden, but in case you don't, here it is again: You play as the main protagonist, a high-school student who has been sent to spend a year with his ...

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76 Hours... 0

76 hours. That's how long I spent on my first playthrough of Persona 4 Golden. And you know what? I wish it were longer. Now, you're probably thinking "Levi! You dashing rogue! Why would you want to add time to an already abusrd amount?" Well ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, lend me your eyes and I'll tell you!Now, before we get started, I'll give you a quick rundown of P4G's story. You are a high school student who recently transferred to the small town of Inaba. The kind of town where eve...

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The Definitive Persona 4 Experience, Which is Unfortunately Only Available on Vita 0

Persona 4 is the kind of game that only comes around once every decade or so. It is a game which proves that traditional, turn-based JRPGs are not dead and does so with some of the most likable and believable characters, not to mention a compelling story which will leave you on the edge of your seat. Moreover, the game has a terrific sense of humor and is self-aware of how ridiculous and crazy it can sometimes be. So when Atlus announced Persona 4 Golden, I was skeptical. What could they possibl...

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