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    Spawning from Atlus' most critically and commercially successful JRPG, the developing Persona 5 franchise currently comprises a rhythm dancing game, a dungeon crawler, a collection of manga serials, two animated adaptations of the main game, a fashion line, and various toys and figurines.

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    The framework for the emerging Persona 5 franchise was already established with its predecessor, Persona 4. Before the release of the core role-playing game in September 2016, a animated special was produced by A-1 Pictures to highlight the general tone and story of the game. Additionally, several artists were commissioned to develop a slice-of-life comic series, dubbed Persona 5: the Anthology, which currently has two volumes.

    The core game was released to near universal acclaim, and is the best- and fastest-selling entry in the Persona series, with an especially strong presence in the west. A year after the domestic release, two spinoff titles were announced: a non-canonical rhythm dancing game - Persona 5: Dancing Star Night - and a dungeon crawler - Persona Q2. A full adaptation of the core game, Persona 5: the Animation, is being produced by A-1 Pictures, and set to premiere in April 2018. Persona 5 Royal was announced for PS4 and contains new content and enhancements, similar to Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 Golden.

    In Japan, a sizable clothing line has developed, featuring outfits worn by the main characters. In partnership with electronic manufacturer AKG, a replicate headphone set worn by Futaba Sakura was released in limited quantities. A premium cigarette lighter was released in limited quantities in partnership with S.T. Dupont.


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